The Best Social Media Tools for your Business

Social media has become a useful tool for increasing brand awareness online, generating leads and driving conversion. At least 50% of your target audience is present online. Despite all its advantages, its time consuming when tracking analytics. Social media tools come in handy since it’s a challenge to find a skilled workforce to execute a great social media strategy. It’s important to identify which tools are suitable for your business since the market is flooded.

Characteristics of a good social media tool

There are several tools in the market. They have specific features to perform excellently.

1. It should save time

Using a social tool should give you better results within a short time. Consider tools that automate the process correctly without leaving any valuable data. Be keen on quality to avoid fast tools that give poor results.

2. It should increase brand awareness

Most businesses use social platforms to increase brand awareness; thus, one should consider this ability when selecting a tool. Each tool has different functionality. However, ensure it tackles brand awareness since it’s the only way to attract more customers.

3. It should be user-friendly

Social tools can only save you time if you understand how to use them. Its user-friendliness should make it easy to be accessed by other departments who need to use the data to track social media metrics. Most social media tools come with tutorials, while others have great customer service to help with trouble.

4. It’s affordable

Most tools are affordable, and others are even free. Affordable tools make it easy for a company to access valuable data without consulting with accounting for approval.

5. It keeps your work organized

It’s vital to ensure the tool you use keeps your work to save you time. The tool should be tidy and efficient. Depending on its function, some should prioritize social media interactions while others save data to be used later.

Benefits of using social media tools

Social networking has taken the business world by storm, and there is more to gain by using it if a business wants to remain competitive in the market.

1. It puts your brand in the market

Social media has a way of ensuring people notice a brand whether they like it or not. It makes it easy for current and potential customers to access this information. With so many platforms present, prospects may be present in one of them.

2. They provide visuals for customers

Social tools allow photos to be uploaded on company profiles to show a product and how to use it. One can post videos of people demonstrating the products and their benefits, which is more convincing.

3. Allows you to get customer feedback and respond to it

Once a post has been made, the audience will comment on whatever you have stated. They will praise, criticize, and ask relevant questions about the product or service. Businesses should engage with their customers to build trust and retain more customers. They should not shy from handling any negative feedback.

Social tools that are used

Though they are many, we can only list a few.

1. HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool

When seeking to optimize social efforts and save time, this is the best tool. It integrates marketing efforts with CRM; hence it’s easy to identify new leads and customers from social media.

2. Kicksta

It is designed explicitly for Instagrammers to help them acquire more organic followers. It introduces a new audience to the brand while ensuring consistent growth.

NetBase Quid

According to NetBase Quid, validating your data with social media tools is authentic. They capture shifting trends and technological advancement, which is essential for the business to succeed. With an overwhelming presence of tools, it’s important to identify which tool is suitable for your business to make the most /of it.